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Fundraising ideas with Gift Aid

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Sport England, JustGiving, the CCPR and the ECB have come together to make it easier for clubs to raise money and claim Gift Aid, enabling volunteers to spend more time on sport and less time on administration.

JustGiving, the largest online fundraising community in the world, is now able to offer the same tools to Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that it provides to the biggest charities in the UK.

JustGiving have dropped their subscription fees – worth £180 per year - for all CASCs, meaning that your club can join JustGiving today, and start fundraising for all the important things you help raise money for, like a new set of nets or a changing room revamp.

Ashley Cricket Club, a member of the Mellor Braggins Cheshire Cricket League, has been taking advantage of its CASC status to raise money using JustGiving.

In the space of just two weeks, they raised £480 in donations and received a further £140 in Gift Aid.


There are many benefits to using JustGiving to raise money for your cricket club online

  • You can raise money more easily, quickly and efficiently.
  • JustGiving make claiming Gift Aid easy, as they do all the administration for you, saving you time and money. Through Gift Aid, the Government will give you up to 28p for every £1 you raise.
  • Payments through JustGiving are weekly, so you know when they are coming, and can plan ahead.
  • Real people are on hand to give you and your supporters help and advice 7 days a week.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have estimated that only 10% of CASCs are utilising their ability to claim Gift Aid, meaning that grassroots clubs are missing out on vital funds that they are fully entitled to claim. JustGiving makes claiming this money easy.

Fundraising ideas, with added Gift Aid:

  1. Create a JustGiving page to appeal for donations to fund a particular development project of your club
  2. Create your JustGiving page to mark a celebration or an anniversary, marriage or birthday
  3. Accept donations in memory of  a loved one or former club member through your JustGiving pages
  4. Do something crazy! Like the first team growing, cutting or shaving your hair, moustaches or beards
  5. Create a JustGiving page for your sponsored events, whether it’s marathons, runs, swims, walks, hikes or cycle rides
  6. Ask your friends to support your New Year’s resolutions with donations to your club. You could give up smoking, chocolate, sweets or alcohol

Please remember that you can’t use JustGiving for your subscriptions, as they are ineligible for Gift Aid.


We’d like to know what else you’re doing to raise money for your club on JustGiving email  and JustGiving will feature the best ideas on the JustGiving for Sports Clubs website.


How to sign up for your free JustGiving account


If you are already a CASC, visit:


You’ll receive:

  • Step-by-step registration help
  • A JustGiving webpage for your club and unlimited JustGiving pages for your club’s members to raise money through
  • Expert fundraising guidance and expertise
  • Help from a person at the other end of a phone if you need it, for both your club and your members

Not a CASC?


There are many thousands of sports clubs in the UK that could benefit from joining the CASC scheme. Both property and non-property-owning clubs can gain substantial benefits from the CASC scheme by receiving 80% mandatory business rate relief and the ability to reclaim up to £28 in Gift Aid for every £100 donated.

Visit to learn more about the scheme and find out how to register your club as a CASC.


NB: Once registered as a CASC club, this can’t be reversed.


Don’t miss this opportunity to get more cash from Government!


In just under 2 months time the cash refund on donations to registered clubs will go down by 3.25%. Cricket clubs which are charities or community amateur sports clubs (CASC’s) can claim tax rebates under gift aid on individual donations. Currently for every £100.00 given by a basic rate taxpayer £25.00 can be reclaimed with HM Revenue & Customs paying a supplement of £3.20 making a total of a £28.20 cash refund. From 6th April 2011 this supplement will end for individual donations received after that date .Every  extra £1 from fund raising recovered from Government in this difficult economic climate is valuable to a club. Clubs should try to get all of their donations in by 6th April- why not sign up to JustGiving’s on line giving facility for sports clubs? Like Ashley Cricket Club your club could reap significant cash rewards from doing so! In any event chase those donations now if you qualify!




The JustGiving charities helpdesk, staffed by experts – 0845 0212133.


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