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Lancashire Cricket Board - Back on the front page and recovering
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Back on the front page and recovering

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My Face Book Image with Hair !!!!!

For those LCB Executive members aware of my plight last Thursday, I am able to say that I have been well and truly anointed in the troublesome areas and can now face the world with confidence.


I had to miss last Thursday’s meeting due to unforeseen circumstances. I would not have had to raise my concerns about not being on the front page as I am back there now. Indeed I have had numerous compliments paid to me about how sylph like I looked in the photograph I posted of myself in full glory at headquarters way back in 1989.


I must say my friend, Ted, has gone to town with his comments on the blog. He seems to be fairly unique at the moment. Lord Bowks and others have been far too silent.


Last week I managed to complete the first draft of my history of the Lancashire Schools Cricket Association. It is currently being checked through by my son, and LCB Boss, Andy. My number one critic, the Mrs, will be next in line. Whilst all this is going on I have been checking through the archives for photos etc. At some stage I am going to have to ask you, my readers, to help me out. I have quite a number of “blank” years. The “blankest” are the most recent. When “Safe Hands” came out there seemed a campaign to ban photos of players and teams – and I got out of the habit. I intend to get back in the habit next season. I understand Father Christmas may be bringing me a new super-duper camera.


The LSCA Fixture List for 2012 should be on the website by the end of the week. In addition to the county fixtures from Under 11 to Under 15 it will also show the dates for the District Quarter Final County stages onwards. The Ainsworth Final needs sorting out yet but as the LCCC fixtures are out then we should be able to fix that date soon.


Whilst looking though my personal pictures to see if there are any I can use for the LSCA book I came across this rather special one. This is a picture of Greenmount CC’s Under 18 team after they won the Bolton League Under 18 Cup in 1986. It is special because of the eleven players shown, along with the rather diminutive 12th Man, no fewer than eight of these eventually played for a Lancashire Schools team. Three of them went on to play for an England Schools team, with two of them being made captain. In addition three of them became professional footballers with two becoming full England internationals. Quite a special photo !!




What about the Shakers ?? I was there last Saturday for the game against Preston in the company of Sophie, Thomas and friends. It was just like watching Brazil. We are now in tenth place just a few points off the play off places. Brentford are our next Gigg Lane opponents. I bet John Hood is quaking in his boots.


Big treat for the Mrs this weekend. Russell Watson will be singing to her (plus a few hundreds of others). I will tell you about the occasion in my next blog.


In response to the comments from Lord Bowks and Philip Williams olease see the picture below proving that Feej did play in same team as  the current County Captain.

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ted 29/11/2011 14:16:51
Ah! a bit special that team John.

Since the formation of the BCL in 1930 I wonder how may of their young cricketers have gone onto play for any county team followed by international call up. And how does it compere with other leagues in Lancashire. It would be a very interesting stastistic to come up with.

Father Christmas eh! you lucky lad, all I get is socks from the wife each year. Keep hanging a pair up on the mantle piece each Xmas eve and all that happens is that they are changed for new ones.
Lord Bowks 30/11/2011 12:13:51
Is that a rather svelt looking Greenmount CC Cricket Chairman on the back row who looks like he has spent far too much time on the sunbed?
Other than that I'm struggling to recognise anone other than the Totty Con Barman of the year and Biffa. I would assume Neil Earing is on there somewhere.
Lord Bowks
John Heaton 30/11/2011 16:18:02

Dear me ?? I forget your youthful years. Back row cricketers - Andy Williams, Chairman Willetts, Paul Reader, Ian Lucas, Biffa, John Sharples, Philip Williams

Front row - Totty Con Steward, ??? Taylor, Neil Earing and the Nevilles.

John Sharples was the other professional footballer.

The Blog Man
Lord Bowks 01/12/2011 16:49:44
I honestly wouldn't have got Willow and Feej if I had sat here staring at it for a week. And the lad next to Willetts looks nothing like the Bobby Reader I know.

I still can't help but think that the young Feej got an LSCA game on account of being Willows brother in the hope that some of the magic may have rubbed off on him. Clearly not!!!!!
Philip Williams 01/12/2011 21:40:11

Chris Chudleigh was the keeper, not Ian Lucas. Chudleigh appeared on that School of Hard Knocks on Sky as the fitness coach, he had or still has something to do with the Army and sport.

Darren Taylor was the lad on front row, he had a very good forward defensive. His dad, Brian, is on the back row (left) and Brian Earing on the right.
Philip Williams 02/12/2011 11:14:14
Thanks Lord Bowker,

I made 1 appearance at Radcliffe against Humberside, we got 240-1, serious pad rash and then we bowled them out for 40, did not bowl and was never picked again!!

Was also 12th or 13th man with a young Glen Chapple at Furness against Cumbria.
John Heaton 02/12/2011 20:36:54

The Mrs guessed at Ian Lucas. I remember that game at Radcliffe, and to prove it I have got the picture.
ted 03/12/2011 05:46:22

Have you noticed how smart the players in the team at Radcliffe look?

Clean whites, blazers, and above all clean, white boots. Standards, they look the part.

I know you are producing a booklet for the LSCA anniversary but with information similar to that written about its going to be huge. Encyclopedia Brittanica come to mind.

I cant wait to get my hands on a copy as its going to be a book read, and read, and read again. Will there be any special signed editions, perhaps a scheme to help the LSAC coffers? I would certainly support.

Over many years LSCA cricket has given me immense pleasure.
Philip Williams 04/12/2011 14:33:29
Thanks John,

See how many players I can remember from that team!

Gareth Cordingley
Glen Chapple
Andrew Payne
Craig Sackfield
Greg Heslop
John Sharples
Glen Crompton
Carl Drinkwater

I think 1 of the tall lads on the back row was called Wood and the other tall lad on the back row went to MGS but his name escapes me. Also the lad with glasses went to QEGS Blackburn.
Philip Williams 04/12/2011 15:09:44
Think the lad from MGS was called Chapman & the lad on the end I think is Stephen Moore from Adlington who was the keeper.
Carl Drinkwater 08/06/2013 11:38:39
Dan Chapman and left armer George Frankland QEGS
Lord Bowks 13/12/2011 12:53:01

I have been reliably informed that the Greenmount u-18 team above contained no less than 9 players who represented LSCA. They were as follows:

Andy Williams
Phil WIlliams
Darren Foy
Neil Earing
Gary Neville
Phil Neville
Phil Heaton
John Sharples

and finally, and how could you forget, David Willetts who played in the under 13's. The Sheikh will be having a long hard word with you about this ommission and I think deserves a huge apology in your next blog.
Neil Earing 14/12/2011 19:20:32
Now thats a photograph that brings back some great cricket memories! A fab team that will go along way to beaten on skill and dodgy hairstyles!!!!
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