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Lancashire Cricket Board - Could do with a Bob Martin’s
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Could do with a Bob Martin’s

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Or so my Grandmother would have suggested

It is now a full week since we said farewell to the Queen in Southampton and I am still short of a bit of oomph. That final week cocooned on the Queen Vic crossing th’Atlantic seems to have wound me down almost as far as one can be wound down. I have been busy this week trying to catch up on things and managed one meeting plus two other visits to Old Trafford. There is much to do over the next few weeks so rather than take what would have been  my grandmother’s suggestion of  a Bob Martin’s I will have to give myself a good proverbial kick up the backside and get back to speed.


By the way Bob Martin’s were for dogs. Do they still exist today? Other goodies I remember from my younger days include Fennings Powders for the flu and Indian Brandee for upset tummies. Do they still exist as well?


The great victory over Tranmere by the Shakers on Saturday was most uplifting helped along by the generosity of Thwaites Brewery and the Bury FC catering staff. Three points have eased the situation quite a bit but two crucial games lie ahead. The first of these is down at Brentford on Saturday and then against Colchester at Gigg on Easter Monday.


One of my visits to headquarters this week was to watch Sophie and her school team from Woodhey in the Lady Taverners Lancashire Finals. They won two games but were no match for Ormskirk School who will represent us in the Regional Finals. Tom also had some Indoor Finals for Woodhey. They have a number of rather good U12 players but came unstuck in their Final against Audenshaw. Mind you it was an Under 13 Competition so they did rather well getting to the Final which they lost by just 9 runs.


So what do I need to get sorted before we get under way at the end of April.


In no order of priority!!!!


Match arrangements home and away for U10 to U17 Boys


Have meetings with others involved like Coaches and Managers


Fixture Lists update on website and wherever else


Finalise and get Fixture Cards printed


Complete and arrange for Players Handbook 2012 to be printed


Update and get the District Comps Handbook on line


Look at arrangements to celebrate LSCA’s 90th Birthday starting with the big match at Old Trafford on May 21st.


Etc. Etc. Etc.


Now I know why I was thinking of having some Bob Martin’s. Apart from all of the above we do need to impart quite a bit of information to different age groups as there have been some important developments at boys age groups of Under 13 and 14. I am hoping we can do this fairly soon when everything has been finalised.


One other major decision will need to be made about THE BOOK. We have now had revised prices for printing after certain changes to colour of print. These are quite reasonable but still require us to have a certain number of advance orders before committing ourselves to going ahead. To date the number of advanced orders has failed to reach double figures ??? Now I know there will be considerably more that will want to purchase my tome but please, please, please could you let me know. I accept that I said Dipesh would put a facility on the website to help. I am hoping this will be in place this week. In the meantime just email me on NOW.


The Most Valuable and Top Zoo Entrepreneur has just returned home from a Christmas Party!!!  I have had to accept that her Zoological activities on the iPad have given me some concerns as to her well-being but when she announced yesterday that she was going to a Christmas party today my concerns heightened. After being given a full explanation I had my worries removed. Every Monday along with a good friend she goes to a Keep Fit Session at a nearby church hall. Tom calls these Keep Fat Sessions but I dare not say that for fear of the consequences. Earlier attempts to have a Christmas party in the correct time frame have had to be scrubbed as there was snow on the ground. So the decision was made last year to have the party just before Easter. This year simply replicates last year. Simples !! The Zoo has already had another extension and she has been breeding like the clappers.


Finally at the Lancashire Cricket Board meeting last Thursday in any other business I was able to slip in the news that since starting this Blog I have now reached the amazing figure of 45,000 Hits. That means that the individual clicks total 45,000 plus. This does not mean that 45,000 people regularly read the Bogs. It could be that some people read the blogs over and over again to help get my totals higher – Lord Ted perhaps. If you take the total and divide by the overall number of blogs then the average of around 650 perhaps gives a better idea of how many readers I have. The top Blog was “What a great game of Cricket” when Brysie nearly kissed me – that had 1,500 hits.


Whichever way you look at it if just half of my readers placed an order for ……



…. we would be able to go ahead and get the printers to do their bit.


So stop messing about as it will be a snip at £12.50.


Either wait until Dipesh gets a link on the website or just slip me an email.


You could ring me if need be.


Do it now.


Ted I have got an order from you.

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ted 03/04/2012 05:50:13

Here I am again clicking away and checking up on progress matters especially the book. I have given you a plug at the Ribblesdale Cricket League management meeting and I will continue to do so.

By gum John you are giving your age away with Bob Martins and the other concoctions. You wont see these in Tesco but try Bury market next time your down getting your black puds.

The new season cant come quick enough for me. As the new Secretary of the Ribblesdale Youth Cricket League I am excited especially with our new under 9's league competition.

I have noted the date of the anniversary match at Old Trafford, all we want now is the weather to be kind.

See you soon

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