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Lancashire Cricket Board - Never had as many emails in a single day ever
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Never had as many emails in a single day ever

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Plus guess what I have become a proud owner of

The emails that flooded back and forth today were related to bottoming out the arrangements for our special match at Old Trafford a week on Monday plus sorting out some issues to do with the publication that everyone is waiting for. With Old Trafford being a Building Site as well as a cricket ground creates its own logistical problems. Suffice to say if any of you want to come along you will be most welcome. Parking will be on Car Park B only with the entrance from Great Stone Road. Spectator facilities will be in Stand E – the Point. The match will begin at 10.45 and be of 50 Overs. Our Under 15’s were the National Champions last season as Under 14’s and Yorkshire always provide us with a stiff test. There should be some pretty interesting cricket. Let’s hope the current monsoon conditions improve.


I can update you on the chances of a famous old boy as a guest. Gary and Philip Neville responded to my invitation via Dad, Big Nev. Gary who now must get more air miles in than anybody will be in Barcelona commentating and Phil is doing his coaching badge at Lilleshall. Neville did say they would make very attempt to get to at least one of our games this summer. One old boy, I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him that, who will be with us is Jack Simmons MBE, our President. He played for LSCA way back in 1956.


Number two update is with reference to the Book. I have seen a proof copy, of which I am very happy. The Resident Zoo Keeper and myself went through the proofs and found some minor little errors. Unfortunately as I set everything up using Adobe Acrobat there are technical issues in terms of doing the amendments. The deadline of having copies available for May 21st is looming. I am due to meet Dipesh tomorrow (Friday) to attempt to resolve the problems. It would appear that it may mean me going back to square one and re-doing the original word version with amendments and then creating the Adobe file again. If that is the case then our deadline will be missed. It is highly likely that the errors will pass by unnoticed and we may decide to go that way and leave the minor errors in place (with a prize for anyone who spots them all).


The weather is playing havoc with cricket at the moment. Of our trials this week the Under 10’s, Under 12’s (just) and Under 15’s managed to get theirs in. The Under 14’s managed just half a trial. It is desperately unfortunate for those involved because although the trials took place the pitch conditions allied to a wet ball created problems for batters and bowlers alike, as well as fielders. Many of the youngsters involved have had preparations for the trails hindered by the lack of practice on grass they have been able to get.


The misspelled “trails” is a deliberate error on my part. My spell check and grammatical consultant (who also owns a Zoo) will pick the poor spelling up above and want to correct it. The reason I have done this is due to the fact that Tim McKiernan sent me a copy of his letter to the Under 11 Final triallists. He had a problem with “trial” and “trail”. Whilst typing this up tonight I know why. If your left finger is just slightly faster than your right then “a” comes before “i” and not the other way round. The bog standard spell checker in Word recognises “trial” and “trail” as correct spellings in their own “write”.


Whilst at the Under 12 trial at Heywood on Wednesday (Taxi Duty) during a period of rain delay the ever reliable and non-controversial U12 Manager Mr John “Batman” Williams related a tale of woe from the weekends Rainford Cricket Club’s game in the Liverpool Comp. It centred on the final overs of the game when Rainford (his club) lost rather dramatically. The Drama Queen in all of this was Shaun (I can reverse sweep) Anders. We had the full acted out version of Shaun’s innings. There is definitely something of a “thespian” in Mr Williams. I await Shaun’s version of events with great anticipation.


Not wanting to bore you but I have to report that the Mount continued with their winning ways at the weekend with three victories in three days. There was a win at home to Kearsley on Saturday followed by a similar event away at Tonge on Sunday. In spite of potential weather problems both games were completed without interruption. The weather forecast for Bank Holiday Monday was horrendous as the LKO home game with Great Eccleston loomed large. Greenmount do many things well but are absolutely clueless at “Bowl Outs”. For some unknown but welcome intervention from above the weather cleared to enable a 35 overs game to commence. With Great Eccleston 60 for 9 things looked pretty good. The thing which makes cricket the great unpredictable game it is arrived in the form of Great Eccleston’s number 10. He launched into a fearsome assault and it was some time later that their innings concluded on 126. Rain was in the offing and the additional time used up could have been vital. “Plon” and “Bomber” set about the visitors with gusto and for just the loss of one wicket (Mr Kerr) the defence of the LKO title got underway. Three days and three wins!!!  I have to report that the Keeper of Good Ales at Totty Con looked and moved like a senior citizen on Tuesday.


Now for the confession. My good friend Francis at Cole Security, where I help out from time to time,  helps me with my mobile contraption. I got updated last week to an HTC Android smartphone. I can now get Apps and things. I was a bit uncertain at first because what with having gout and flu I didn’t want to get the apps as well. Well this mobile contraption is a bit of a whizz and I have got into the habit of looking through the App Store. Guess what I found and downloaded ??  No not Sky Sports or BBC News but “TINY ZOO”.


I have now entered into direct competition with the Resident Zoo Keeper of Turks Road and beyond. Mine plays music and hers does not. I have got to Level 4 but I know not how. She just went “Ugh, I’m on Level 34.” All I can say is watch out.


It’s that time again. I have just seen the weather forecast for the weekend. I wonder if Shaun will get the chance to practice his reverse sweep for Rainford again.


I played cricket for quite a while with the great Gary Sobers.  Shaun – he was absolutely brilliant at almost all aspects of cricket – but could he reverse sweep.  No !! Keep working on it.


Tesco Time.


As always this Blog has been checked and approved by “she who must be obeyed at all times without question” – well not always. She did alter “trails” as I suggested but had thought my confession about becoming a “proud owner” did not refer to my new “Smart” Phone but instead my new “Smart” Car. After great deliberations I (with full agreement with “her”) ordered a replacement Hyundai motor today. My first Hyundai was a “Stellar”. It broke down when I was transporting young Number One Son and Ronnie Irani down to the U19 Festival in Cambridge., That was some 22 years ago. I have never driven anything else since. Do you think Hyundai would sponsor the LCB.


The Tesco is getting to all parts now.


Have I had any more emails.

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