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Having been Blogging for over 12 months

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I just wondered what the term really means.

Now the official Wikipedia definition states that the term “Blog” is in fact a “Portmanteau” word. This means it is a combination of two or more words combined into one new word. The phrase “Web Log Diary” was first noticed in 1997 and became “Blog”. Simples. These have tended to be personal diary type thingies about all sorts of topics. You can of course have corporate and organisational blogs – ORGOGS or CORBLOGS.


A VLOG is a Blog using Videos.


A MOBLOG is a Blog composed on a Mobile Phone.


MABS are multi-author Blogs.


TWITTER is a sort of MicroBlog.


All of these make up what is affectionately known as the BLOGOSPHERE.


Now I bet you are really pleased I decided to bring you up to date.


Well wait for it here are the latest statistics.


I have now written a total of 96 Blogs excluding this one. To date they have acquired a total of …


79,437 hits


Pretty decent I would say. The most popular was the one about the Under 14 game in 2011 which they won off the last ball of the match against Cheshire at Sefton Park. That was when I thought Brysie was going to kiss me. I have to say my popularity has waned a little since my heydays in 2011 but I am still keeping a decent set of very discerning readers.


Now I appreciate that I do not have nearly 80,000 followers but I reckon looking at the stats that I must have somewhere in the region of up to 500 aficionados who await my deliberations.


Thank you to one and all. I refuse to be drawn into comparisons with Mr Hayhurst. He keeps on telling me he is too busy to find the time to blog, and I believe him.  


You may have noticed that I have been reminiscing as of late. It tends to be the same when the cricket season is diminishing into the past and thoughts are turning to the next season – and of course to the next cruise. This will be on us within just a few weeks. I trust the tropical storms will have receded and the seas settled down in one of our favourite parts of the world. May the rum punches be plentiful and strong with the Caribe and Red Stripe to settle the thirst.


We are often asked what has been our favourite port of call – the one which impressed us the most. I will ask the Good Lady who is watching the evening’s soap offerings at the moment to name hers when she surfaces. I have told you before that I am a bit of a cruise freak compiling all sorts of useless information and pictures. Well believe it or not we have actually visited 150 differing ports, some the destination itself with others a gateway to places further afield. Some of these ports have had a multitude of visits whilst others have been a one off. It is one of the latter that tops my list. This visit happened in 2003 on a ship called the Norwegian Crown with the now defunct Orient Line. To reach this city we had to sail inland along a major river for almost 30 miles. On both banks we could see village and agricultural life in this Asiatic country. We arrived in the port at almost midday to be greeted by a throng of people singing and dancing, welcoming us to their city and country. There were 20 coaches on the quayside ready for the afternoon tour – one which we had booked. After some lengthy formalities we went ashore and set off on our tour. This was probably the most amazing afternoon ever – the traffic in this city was humungous. Our guide said that over three million people lived in the city and at least half of them possessed a Honda – not the car but the moped. There were all sorts of makes but the locals called them the same. They were everywhere. We were taken to the Palace where we could still see the tank buried in a flower bed when the major war in the area had ended. We drove past the remains of the US Embassy that brought images of helicopters on the roof. We had time to do a little shopping. Dead easy really as everything was either “one dolla” or “two dolla”.


I could go on. We stayed overnight and experienced even more of this quite astounding city. We left the following afternoon when the same people who had welcomed us bade us farewell with their version of Auld Lang Syne. It was quite moving. Even now it sends a little shiver down my spine just thinking about it.


The country was of course Vietnam.


The city was Ho Chi Minh City except all the locals still called it SAIGON.




Well  - equipped with a glass of Tesco’s finest the good lady has dithered between Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong. She did go up Sugar Loaf – both sections on the cable car – with her eyes shut, and Hong Kong was well Hong Kong and the Symphony of Lights off the deck of the QE2. Phew. After much deliberation she has settled on Rio although tossing in the potential for Mumbai to top the lot.


They play cricket in Mumbai – everybody plays cricket in Mumbai.


Back to the drawing board. Just checked our list of most called at ports. Near the top of the list is Bridgetown, Barbados. This is one of our favourites. Our next cruise will see us there again. They are cricket bonkers. I only need to mention that I starred alongside Garfield Sobers whilst at Radcliffe to gain the attention of the taxi driver who will be taking us to Malibu Beach. Apart from this being a very nice beach it does have other advantages as the name indicates.


Might bump into Sir Vivian in Antigua and the Spice Girls await in Grenada. Not long now.


This was a GLOB not a BLOG.


A Gathering of Lighthearted Often Boring nonsense


The Caribbean is calling.  Soon.


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