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Been too busy to blog

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Fixtures galore for 2013 plus LSCA’s 90th AGM

Since posting my last blog I simply have not been able to find time to get round to writing another one. Mind you Dipesh banned me at the end of last week as he was sending out his latest Newsletter. The reason for my being busy relates to the complex task of getting next year’s fixtures knocked into shape with other counties. There are some counties where I know the relevant manager or coach will be on top of things but there are others where it really is like pulling teeth getting responses.


What position am I in with the LSCA AGM converging on me on Thursday. I like to have some draft fixtures to hand out at the AGM but it is beginning to look dodgy. The ubiquitous John Williams is looking after the Under 10’s. I am just two matches away from completing the Under 11’s and in a broadly similar position with the Under 12’s.


It is at Under 13 where some of my problems lie. You will remember in my last Blog I told you the ECB had scrapped the Under 13 Competition with no real prior warning. This has left counties in a sort of limbo deciding what to do. In discussion with Titch it was felt we needed to be involved in some sort of competition and accordingly I set about trying to test the waters with the Northern Counties. Yorkshire, Cheshire and Cumbria jumped at the chance but others have not. I, then, found out Staffordshire were enlisting the support of the Midland Counties to set up a similar venture. When they heard of our ideas they now want to join in with us. Derbyshire are “thinking” about it and Nottinghamshire have indicated they also want to join in with us. Trying to create fixtures in and around matches already arranged is not easy.


I am stuttering with the Under 14 fixtures waiting for responses to emails sent out two weeks ago. I am in the same limbo with the Under 15’s but not quite as bad.


Whilst all this is buzzing around I have been putting together the Annual Reports Booklet for LSCA’s Annual Meeting at Old Trafford on Thursday. That is quite a task but apart from one missing team report everything is done and will be printed at headquarters tomorrow (Tuesday). I do not intend to embarrass the Manager with the missing report but he lives in Baxenden. I have compiled my own Secretary’s Report and written the Under 15 team one to help out my good friend Geoff Eccles. Geoff will be ending his stewardship of the Under 15 team at the AGM. His health problems of the past twelve months have made it difficult for him. He will, however, remain as Treasurer and look after our pennies.


In between a visit to OT tomorrow and the AGM my good lady and me are going to be having a bit of excitement. I reached the landmark (very quietly) of 70 this summer and my family decided to treat me and the missus. Accordingly on Wednesday evening we are going to see the Lion King at Manchester Palace Theatre. We have seen this brilliant show before in London and are looking forward to seeing it again. Might have a glass of mulled wine at the Christmas Markets on the way from the tram to the theatre.


What have I been up to since that last Blog. I have had umpteen meetings with Titch at Old Trafford, resumed taxi duties with Tom and Sophie with their cricket at Old Trafford and trips to footie. I saw one match with Tom for Bury Juniors against some team from Kearsley – they lost 8-7 after looking like it was going to be a double dip recession when they conceded five early goals. I have now seen Bury on two occasions since returning from the cruise and I have yet to see them win this season. Mind you in the game against Bournemouth we were in the lead with just added time left when we exited. We, that is me Sophie and Tom, had not got to the bottom of the steps out of the stand when they equalised. Last Saturday it looked like we would beat Southend to be in the Third Round of the Cup for the first time for a long time. We were in the draw yesterday but will need to win the replay to progress. We have a mind blowing chance of playing Bradford or Brentford. I would prefer the first as the latter will only bring silly comments from John Hood.


I whisked to Headingley last Tuesday in the fast time of 2 hours for an ECB Schools Conference at the invite of Shaun Anders. He took longer than me. The M62 was its usual nightmare. Mind you the Conference did not exactly excite and after a chat with my good friend Mr Ken “ESCA” Lake I sneaked back home after lunch. Shaun stayed the full distance but could not really tell me what it was all about.


We had an LCB Executive Meeting at Old Trafford last Thursday which passed peacefully with no disgruntlements. Andy was suffering from a bit of man flu but got little sympathy. The family were there at the Indoor Centre as Tom and Sophie have enrolled on a course up to Christmas. Philip had done the transporting on this occasion. They were very thrilled to tell me that their cricket kit (bats, pads, gloves etc) had been dispatched. What of course I did not know was that Grandma had agreed this would be their Xmas prezzies. Sophie had been the chief negotiator. I still do not know “how much”?? The provider is some mate of our son who was on the MCC Young Cricketers at Lords with him and now has a sports company.


I must not complain however as the Most Famous Zoo Keeper in the Universe decided that I could have a Kindle Fire HD for my prezzie. Just to ensure the Amazonians did not run out of them in the lead up to the festivities I ordered the device last week and it arrived pretty quick on Friday in a box which just fitted through our letter box. It landed with quite a thump leading me to have to check if it was broken. I think that it was supposed to be going away for Father Christmas to look after it until the big day. Having switched it on to make sure it was working the thing promptly began to register me and set me off with all sorts of free goodies for a month. If it was to be boxed up then I would miss out on all the freebies. So it has been released into my safe keeping. It is quite brilliant – but I now know why Amazon make millions. They have you every which way they can with offers “that it would be foolish to avoid”. I have done so far but ….?? All I need for Christmas now is a cover to keep it safe from damage.


I am really looking forward to the Lion King tomorrow night. I think the opening scene featuring the animals and the “Circle of Life” is one of the best I have ever seen. Mind you there are a few of these tucked away behind my cricket brain. In my younger days I got sucked into the Amateur Operatic world – this was very much down to my intended being a part of the local church society. Rather than hang around outside rehearsals I joined in but on the stage management side.


When I moved to teach at Totty High in the late 60’s many schools had started to stage the musical “Oliver”. I decided to have a dabble as a Producer as Totty had an excellent stage. I followed “Oliver” with the “Wizard of Oz”, then “West Side Story”, “South Pacific” and “Hello Dolly” before changing Totty High for Hayward. They had also started out with “Oliver”. I soon got dragged into the musicals scene there producing “South Pacific”, “West Side Story” and “Sound of Music” before the schools went comprehensive and some bright architect bricked up the stage’s proscenium arch to make a canteen. I did some years later produce a version of Lloyd Webbers “Joseph and his Technicolor Do Dah” which we had to do in the round. This was so successful we were asked to stage it in the newly renovated Albert Halls inside Bolton Town Hall. This was the first production staged there after the disastrous fire. All of this was completed without me having any semblance of being able to read music or even sing. This was I suppose a little like me being a “Non-Spinning Off Spinner” according to Nigel Warne and Bob Thingy.  Mr Dearden would have labelled me a “Non-Singing Musical  Man”.


Whatever we had some great times. Whenever I am in Totty Con and see Nicky Hudson I am reminded of his involvement in “West Side Story”. I cannot remember whether he was a Shark or a Jet though.


Enough of my ramblings. Must get back to my emails and see if there are any more fixture confirmations. Have I told you that I can check these on my new “K” as well now.


Is it too soon for a “Moment”


Talking of Prezzies – I still have a few, well actually rather a lot, of books to sell. You know that one about the History of Lancashire Schools. I am afraid it did not shoot to the top of the Charts. I still like it and so do those who have read it. If you are struggling to know what to buy a “cricketing” friend or acquaintance for the coming festive season then you could do no worse than clicking on the appropriate place on the websites front page and placing an order.


Go on be a devil. Just do it – NOW.


Done for the night - posting this on the website - time to play.


Time for a MOMENT and then the K

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