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Lancashire Cricket Board - As the Festive Season approaches I have had to ask a serious question
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As the Festive Season approaches I have had to ask a serious question

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Can you get gout in your fingers ?????

The answer is short and not very sweet -  “YES”


Why did I ask this question of myself and then go a’googling.


The knuckle of my middle right hand finger became quite swollen and soreish on Friday last week causing me to ponder a little as to whether this could be the advent of the dreaded gout so soon after my last episode early in the year. You may remember my discomfort at the time especially as I had not been troubled for many years. By Saturday afternoon I was under no illusions, a fact supported by my online investigations. “Ecky thump” I thought, “What a To Do” – just a week before Christmas. Fortunately I had retained supplies of the medication prescribed to me last January and have started immediate treatment. “Naproxen” and the mighty “Co-Codamal” have eased my pain. Now I have not sought medical advice as to whether indeed it is the real thing – however unlike my last occasion when it was my right big toe I can quite easily show any interested person my seriously swollen and reddish digit. Hopefully in a week’s time the medication will have worked and I will be able to join my family in downing a glass or two of the Beaujolais Villages awaiting consumption.


In the meantime a little support and understanding would be welcome, unlike earlier in the year when the chorus of “Here’s ‘Enery the Eighth” which greeted me on arrival at the LCB Offices. Why is it that those who suffer the trials and tribulations of the gout are looked upon as people who lead the high life with wine and food a plenty. How I could ever be accused of that is beyond me. I will be in the LCB Office tomorrow (Tuesday) to meet with the Mighty Titch and will let anyone who wants look at my digit.


I have not been the only one to suffer this weekend. My grandson Thomas was proper poorly on Sunday morning necessitating a rapid visit to the local Walk-In Centre where he was diagnosed with a severe chest infection. My minor discomfort paled away as we spent the day concerned as to his wellbeing. Us Heaton’s are made of stern stuff and I am pleased to say he has made good progress although he will be off school a while longer and may have to miss the second Under 13 County Squad Session at Old Trafford on Wednesday night. He had been complaining a little last week of a sore chest but we thought that was down to the exertions in his first Squad Session.


There has always been reluctance in the Heaton households to acknowledge the possibility that a member may be ill and require staying off school or even seeking medical advice. “There’s nothing wrong with you. Get into school now. If you start to be ill the school will send you home.” The Good Lady, Zoo Keeper Extraordinaire, would utter those words regularly and then often follow them with …. “You’ll have to go in anyway – after all you are the Headteacher.”


Anyway Thomas being a little off colour should get him out of going to Gigg Lane tomorrow night for the Johnson Paint Thingy match against Preston. This will be followed by a League match against Shrewsbury on Friday. Two matches in five days. Will I get to see Bury win a match at Gigg Lane this season before the year runs out ???


It was rather good – no it was extra special - to see England win a series in India for the first time in 28’ish years this morning. Everyone must be congratulated and in particular our very own Jimmy Anderson. At the tender age of 15 he failed in his attempts to gain selection for the LSCA County Squad. We did have a “B” or 2nd XI at the time and he was selected to take part in a week-long Festival at Ampleforth College at the beginning of August. Both ourselves and Yorkshire entered second teams to play against other full county teams. James did well that week taking five wickets on the Wednesday against Essex. The following season playing for Burnley CC he came to prominence and the rest is history. Well done Jimmy along with Cooky and the rest. Bring on the Ashes in 2013.


My preparations for next season have progressed well and I am meeting Titch tomorrow to look at the last remaining issues with regard to the Boys Under 10 to 15 fixture programmes. I mentioned the fact that Jimmy Anderson’s representative life was with the LSCA Under 15 B Team. At that time this was the only age group with a 2nd XI. We often got a lot of stick about even having such a team. In 2013 it is looking very likely that at least three or even four of our age groups will have Development Teams as well as the main county teams. “Development” is the 2013 posh term for “B” or 2nd XI’s. There is no doubt that in 2012 the ideal of such a move was greeted with enthusiasm from coaches and players. I have always championed such developments and am delighted at what is happening.


I must make mention about my Kingle Fire H D gadget which I have been test driving prior to it becoming officially mine when Santa does the business next week. It is rather annoying, however, in that I am unable to get Tiny Zoo Friends on it. This is the game that has converted the Mrs into one of the most famous Zoo Keepers in the Universe. I have been trying to compete using my little HTC One V Smartie Phone. I was hoping that the slightly larger screen on the Kingle would assist me. I have been able to download Tiny Village and a new app called Tiny Monsters. This latter one is quite interesting but complicated. At least by the time the Good Lady decides to use it I will have got ahead of her. I was complaining to her that my latest expansion of the Zoo had cost me just over 4 Million Coins. She bragged that was nothing as her recent expansion had cost her 60 Million. I can go on the USA Amazon Kingle site and there sits Tiny Zoo Friends. Any attempt to download the app meets failure. It is nowhere to be seen on the UK Amazon site. Can anyone help?


Whilst on technological matters we came across some other interesting news at the weekend. For some weeks now the boys from Open Reach (used to be BT) have been buzzing around the junction box which is on the footpath just outside our abode. They have been digging trenches across Turks Road and pulling cables through. It turns out they have been installing Fibre Optic Cables and very soon there is a chance that Mr Sky might be getting in touch to see if we want an upgrade to our Broadband service. It looks like we might need it. Saturday afternoon with no footy at Gigg Lane to watch the entire Heaton family were gathered at Turks Road. At one point Number One Son was on his Eyephone keeping tabs on the geegees. His wife, the good lady Pamela, was on her Eyephone dashing around Facebook. Grandson Thomas was on his Blueberry doing instant texts to Brad and his mates and Grandaughter Sophie was on her EyePad all of a Twitter. Mrs Heaton Senior was on her Eyepad checking on the health of her zoo animals whilst the only one not using our wi-fi broadband was me. I was watching the tele and Jeff Stelling’s mob keeping an eye on the Shakers v Crewe match. If I had decided to have another little go on my Kingle we could have reached overload on our wi-fi router. According to our source on these matters then with fibre-optic we could have the entire crowd at tomorrow’s match at Gigg Lane using our wi-fi and it would not crash.


We got a very nice surprise from Cunard on Saturday as well. The second Cunard World Club Year Book was delivered. This is a rather glossy extremely serious attempt to show how wonderful the company is and really it’s about time you made your next booking. We are currently considering options for our next adventure. I now expect the decision will not be made until in the New Year when hopefully my battle with this blessed gout will have been won.


This issue with the GOUT does present me with a slight problem. If I was to seek medical advice then I would most definitely be advised that I should enter into a period of total abstinence – alcohol that is. Now my overall reaction to the state of being teetotal has never been good. At a time just days before the Festivities begin with stock already in position it would be a major challenge. I will suggest to the Good Lady that if she will join me then together we would succeed. If she feels unable or even unwilling then …………????


The swelling has gone down a little and the pain is far less.


Just on my first Tesco Moment – we, the Mrs and me, work as a partnership


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