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Big Things Are Happening

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And I get invited to open the new G Room

Squad sessions are now well under way and the first bash at the Fixture List is now elsewhere on this website. It covers just the Under 10 to Under 15 Boys at the moment but I expect the Girls Fixtures to appear soon and the Under 16 and 17 Boys are taking shape as well.


The Mighty Titch and Jenny along with a number of others have been busy lining up a special day for all the squads on March 3rd. I said in the headline that big things are happening and this will be one of the biggest. March 3rd will see the Under 17 Squad in from 10.00am to be followed by the Under 12 Boys at 1.00pm and the Under 11 Girls from 3.00pm. The Under 17 session will now finish at 12 noon when we will have a number of presentations in the hour following and beyond in what I would label as the BIG EVENT.


Everyone currently involved with the County Squads both boys and girls plus parents will be invited to come along ready for a start at midday. Over the next few squad sessions details of the BIG EVENT will be circulated to everyone. We are hoping that we will have a massive turnout. There will be a major announcement with regard to a scheme that will place the LCB and LCCC as leaders in supporting their young players who need physiotherapy advice and treatment. I can also tell you that there will be present representatives of kit and equipment companies including a well-known helmet one. In addition the Kukri Shop will be open


Starting with the sessions on February 10th players and parents can expect to receive printed information about what will be happening at the BIG EVENT on March 3rd. This will also be repeated on the LCB Website and followed up with emails.


Talking of big events I made my second visit in two days to headquarters today. Headquarters is in the old house situated on the Brian Statham Way side of the ground. The LCB Office is on the top floor. As I walked up the stairs trying not to get out of breath I noticed that someone had nailed a notice on the room at the top of the stairs. For those unaware of the geography of this building near to the Klogs Emporium it is now occupied by the LCCC Development Association, the Lancashire Cricket Board, the English Cricket Board (Northern Branch) and Kukri (Squirrel) Sports. G4S or Group 4 Securicor have offices somewhere in the building as well.


The LCB offices were busy – ish and the person I had come to see – the Mighty Titch was there. There also was Scarlet Pimpernel present when it was announced that Mr John Heaton Esquire, member of the esteemed LCB Executive Committee, Vice President of Lancashire CCC and a famous author would be invited to open the newest facility in the building – the G Room (the one at the top of the stairs) in the coming days. A little extra work was needed before the official unveiling could happen. I told everyone how humble I was at receiving this honour and would gladly cut anybody’s whatsit whenever they wanted to declare the room open. I did indicate I would expect some liquid refreshment preferably from the champagne region of France or if that was not possible from Tesco’s.


After an afternoon discussing some potential additional fixtures the Mighty Titch showed me round the G Room. There were grandiose ideas about this becoming a valuable meeting cum conference room – except the conference numbers would probably not be able to exceed four. Take the photo copier out and perhaps two more could squeeze in. I tell you something though. Come the Ashes Test in August this room could bring in a pretty penny or two. The views across Old Trafford are stunning. Demand for a place in the G Room from August 1st to 5th will be high.


This room was in actual fact home base for the Big Boss when he first started at Old Trafford with the LCB. There was room for him, a desk and one other person. Someone in the office decided the room needed sorting and clearing hence the G Room. One thing that was found in the debris was a document I had prepared over 12 years ago when the Levels of Excellence Scheme was first introduced. I could tell it was a long while ago as it bore the hallmarks of the Amstrad PCW I once used for my school and cricket admin.


Enough waffling but can someone at the office please tell me what “G” stands for.


Why was it my second day on the trot at OT. Well this is the time of the year when I have to get information and entry forms out to all secondary schools in the county about the LSCA Inter-School Competitions. My visit on Tuesday was to do some printing. As there are 321 schools to be circulated this placed major demands on my printer at home and the one in the office. Both did well with no breakdowns, paper jams or naughty words.


Last night whilst listening to the exploits of Bradford City the Good Lady and myself filled 321 envelopes with the necessary documents, and then today I became Postman Pat when I delivered them to the good people of the Club for posting. Whilst undergoing this exercise I was of course able to discuss fixtures and other issues with those working in the office. Thankfully the snow led to the postponement of a meeting scheduled for Monday night at the Indoor Centre otherwise it would have been three visits in three days.


I mention Bradford City just now. What an absolutely brilliant effort. Like many football followers each weekend there are teams for whom I have an interest in and watch for the scores. Bury FC, the Shakers, are the Number One, but due to the bad weather I have almost forgotten where Gigg Lane is. I tend to look at how the Forest are doing as I watched them and not the County when we lived in Robin Hood territory many moons ago. The whole family look out for the Cowdenbeath score without fail. You may ask and one day I will tell you. Apart from the family one other person always checks the ‘Beaths result – David Hall. David Hall aided and abetted by Bumble Lloyd were responsible for Son Number 1 signing as professional for Shepley Cricket Club in the Huddersfield League umpteen years ago. Philip stayed there for sixteen years and David and his missus Viv, have become very good friends. They both have the name of Bradford City running through them like a stick of Blackpool Rock for very good reasons. Over the years there has always been friendly jesting about our own clubs fortunes. In recent years we have shared the embarrassment of administration. The events of this football season have helped eradicate the financial problems at Bradford and the visit to Wembley will help their future even more. I wonder if they could pull off the biggest coup of all in the Final.


Talking of financial problems I received a letter from Bury Football Club today. They have had problems in recent weeks with cash flow not helped by the fact their last two home matches were snowed off. They are introducing a Bond Scheme to help generate much needed cash. 150 notes of the realm will enable me to become a bondholder. In return I will get cash knocked off my next season’s membership card and in 2015 will have my name embroidered into a special 130th anniversary shirt. Seasons thereafter I will continue to have a percentage of my membership subs deducted. During previous cash flow problems I have paid for my name to be on two seats in the main stand, on a brick at the back of the Cemetery Road stand and tossed loose change into innumerable buckets prior to matches. Such is life in the lower reaches of the football pyramid.


Having mentioned “Cowdenbeath” I suppose I should do some explaining. As you will know if you read this Blog regularly my son has the task of ensuring the members of Tottington Conservative Club are served and watered to a level of high quality. This he does as I can testify from our visits there. On occasions the collective membership can become rather silly – like the day someone said “Why don’t we organise a trip to see Cowdenbeath FC play”. At that time this club was regularly bottom of the Scottish pile of Leagues. Now normally the response would be “That’s Daft” although I am not too sure that was actually the expression used – but they are made of sterner stuff in Totty. I am not sure but I do think there was something like ten or more consecutive years when a weekend was spent just north of Edinburgh for the Totty Con Brigade to savour the delights of Scottish beer and fried Mars Bars, and probably a lot else that Mum and Dad do not know about, and watch the ‘Beath. You know I think on three consecutive visits the score was 0-0 each time.


David Hall of Bradford City and Shepley CC was most amazed at the exploits of cricket professional PJH and the visits to Cowdenbeath. I bet he still looks for the score every Saturday even now.


Busy weekend ahead again – if the weather will allow.


Tom will be with the Under 13’s from 10.00am to noon in the Indoor Centre and Sophie will follow from 4.00pm to 6.00 with the Under 15 girls. At least we do not have to contend with the United crowd this time like we did two weeks ago.


When I think about it the gate receipts from that game between United and Liverpool would wipe out Bury’s debts and set us up for many years to come. The receipts from Bury’s next home game would probably not even pay for Robin Van Persils right boot.


The world has gone crazy. I must try not to get worked up but >>>>>>>


Time for a Tesco.


The Heat Is On

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