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Lancashire Cricket Board - Never mind Becks what about the Shakers
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Never mind Becks what about the Shakers

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Transfer Bedlam strikes at Gigg Lane

The headlines on the final day of the Transfer Window focussed on David Beckham but my mind was almost blown away by what was happening at the Mighty Shakers. Early in the week the news broke that Effy was going to Macc – oh dear Efetebore Sodje was to depart for Macclesfield. This was a major blow as Effy has been part of our Bury life for quite a while. By the end of Thursday night however Effy was still with us but something like half a dozen others including “his name is a shop” were not. In their place was a multitude of new acquisitions from a variety of locations. I am sure that by the time we arrive at Gigg on Saturday pm that Sophie and Thomas will have the full story for me and will know who is who. Owr Arrwy at QPR said it was like “warfare” trying to sign new players well Mr Blackwell certainly was a busy bee on behalf of the Shakers.


I should not have used the word BEE then. It has reminded me of John Hood and the Brentford BEES. I expected to get a phone call from said irrepressible scorer after Brentford’s performance last weekend against Mr Oobramaveech’s Chelsea. Contact was not made until Tuesday when an email missive arrived.


“Have just about got my voice back after Sunday. Brilliant day, fantastic atmosphere, just a shame they couldn't hold on at the end. It must make you proud to think that Bury are in the same league as the side that gave the European Champions a lesson.”


I chose not to reply to this noting that copies had gone to our Under 11 Manager and Coach as well as the Under 10-Under 12 Manager. The reply from the Under 11 Tim “I’ve got a white van” McKiernan referred to John Hood “Living the Dream”, but John “Batman” Williams after digesting information from Mr Hood about scoring this summer ended his email with “PS - Can't think of anything funny or useful to say about Brentford or Bury - so I won't.”


I have never known Batman to be short of words. Well the Shakers have an appointment with the Bees down in London on Saturday week and after the new Bury FC have disposed of Doncaster tomorrow they could well see off Brentford who will still have a replay with Chelsea to cloud their minds. If that happens I will then have something to say – if not my silence will continue.


Must say though the performances of Bradford, MK Dons, Luton, Oldham and Brentford in th’Effay Cup  have certainly said something to a few of the pampered, over paid stars of the Premiership.


Turning to cricket I have certainly been a busy bee myself this week having made my way to headquarters no fewer than five times. Last Sunday I did the double with Tom (plus Josh) ensconced in the Indoor Centre by 9.45 and then Sophie was delivered in the afternoon for a 4.00pm start. I did manage to see some of the Under 15 boys session delivered by Titch, Rudra and Brysie as well.


Tuesday I was back early evening for a meeting with Titch, Stanny, Jenny and Rudra re the Event planned for March 3rd. This ended with Jenny and myself concocting a potential solution to what was beginning to look like a logistical nightmare. One of the big problems facing Old Trafford at the moment in the midst of the developments is what you could call a medium sized facility for meetings. It was beginning to look like we could have 400 plus people present with nowhere to house that number effectively.


Thursday was visit number four for the LCB Executive Meeting. This was also held in the Indoor Centre. This meeting, the last before the AGM, is the one where we get to see the Balance Sheet for the year ended and the Budget for the year ahead. It is not always the most exciting but one which is vital to the operation of the Board. All went well and we have more than enough pennies for the season ahead.


My final visit of the week was on Friday when I spent some time with the Mighty Titch and the Scarlet Pimpernel looking at fixtures and grounds. I was able to advise Dipesh that the latest up to date version of the Fixture List would wing its way to him early next week to put on the website. There have been a few modifications to the fixtures from Under 10 to 15 Boys. The Under 10 list is now more or less complete. We have added an Under 12 Development Squad Festival into the programme. This will be based at Bedford College meaning that we have Festivals for our main county boy’s teams and their associated development squads at Under 12, 13 and 14. The Under 15 Development Programme has been expanded with matches added this past week against a touring London Warriors (??) team. In addition the Under 16 and 17 Boys Programme is now complete as regards dates. The task of identifying grounds is under way and the Fixture List will be updated as and when.


It should also not be long before we will be able to include the Girls Programme as well as all the other groups involved with representative cricket. The full programme of the Under 16 One Day and 2 Day Festivals is now in the list as is the Lancashire Lions Visually Impaired CC fixture list.


Haven’t I been a busy BEE – there I go with that word again. Many of you – my readers - will not have met John Hood, one of the few Lancashire based Brentford Supporters. He is a rather hirstute character who has a knack of getting under the skin of non-Brentford Supporters especially the Bury variety. Come on Mr Blackwell – get us moving up the table and I can quieten him down.


It is likely I will not post this Blog until Sunday as Dipesh has been busy sending out his Newsletter and asked me to hold off the weekend. If the news from Gigg Lane is happy I will add to this Blog – if not silence will again be golden.


Those of you who view the LCB website on a regular basis may note from time to time the partners whose logos can be seen at the foot of the page. Just recently the logo for “Cole Security” has appeared. This has been at my request. For many moons now almost since I waved a tearful goodbye to Hayward School I have been in and around Cole Security and its owner Francis. I will not go into the why’s and wherefores but it has been a long relationship. I still see him, Mandy, Tony and Ruth on an almost daily basis to catch up on matters to do with his company. Where I can do little bits to help I do. In return he supports my links with cricket and especially helps with my administrative needs and supplies.


Why not click on his logo and see for yourselves what Cole Security offers. He now runs a big business with some major clients – and he does it very well indeed. Over the years I have mithered him, along with Mandy the Company Manager, Ruth the Company Administrator and recently Tony, the Operations Manager, about packing in smoking. The security business can get a bit stressful at times and this is probably the reason for needing a cig from time to time. Anyway Friday February 1st was momentous – Tony’s glows in the dark and emits smoke, Mandy’s looks just like a real one and Ruth is all patched up. Only Francis is left now but he has promised he will get one that glows and glows and glows by Monday.


One of the things about my previous life in schools was the fact that you are dealing with people all the time. I enjoy the visits I make to Cole Security and the LCB Emporium because of the fact that from time to time you can have a little fun, either with others or at yourself.

One of the many Blogs I read from time to time is one done by John Heald who is the top Cruise Director for Carnival Cruises. He started this a number of years ago to help with the marketing of the company but also to help with queries for passengers. He now numbers millions of hits. He is British working for an American company. If you get the chance Google his name and have a look. I have to tell you he is most irreverent and occasionally rather rude, and he suffers from some of the complaints that afflict men from time to time including yours truly. I think they afflict women as well but they keep quiet about it.


Finally for now the answer to what the G stands for in the G Room at the top of the stairs in the LCB Office. As I said earlier in offices around the world occasionally daft things are said and done. The G stands for “Guff” – this is a derivative from Paul McGuffog of Stretford CC now employed as the Mr Manchester Cricket. Daft but true.


Tesco, Tesco wherefore art though.




Believe it or believe it not !!!


Saturday afternoon  


Bury FC (near the bottom of the League Division One) TWO

Doncaster Rovers (next to the top of the same division and unbeaten in a trillion matches) ZERO


Absolutely amazing. Andy Bishop and Nickie Ajose scored in the first half to send us into half time delirious. We knew they would come at us in the second half and indeed it was a bit like the Alamo. With a little bit of luck for a change and some woeful Doncaster finishing we hung on to collect a valuable three points leaving us now just one point from safety.


Look out Brentford next Saturday (and the Hoodie Man).

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