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LCB & ECB player pathways provide opportunities for better cricketers from schools and clubs to play for their District, Area, Region and ultimately the County.

The LCB Performance Department is tasked with “identifying and developing talent at each stage of the player pathway”. With this in mind the LCB have added new levels for identifying talented junior cricketers in the County.

The pathway overseen by the LCB now covers Schools, Clubs, Districts, Areas, Regions, County Development and County Performance, leading into the elite player programmes of LCB's Emerging Players Programme for boys U13-U16 and girls U13-U19. Players are then selected and effectively 'passed on to' the LCCC Academy at U16-U19 ages.

The 10 levels below briefly explain each step.

1. Schools Cricket

This is the starting point on the pathway with the Chance to Shine programmes in the schools environment. Players will hopefully enjoy the introduction to cricket and seek a local cricket club to develop further.

2. Club Cricket

This gives the players opportunity to integrate into a local club network and enjoy the benefits which this brings, practicing and competing at this level at all age ranges that the club might offer.

Club cricket for women & girls is a priority for 2014 and we are looking to identify more local cricket clubs that can host the game for women and girls to participate, enjoy and develop.

3. District Cricket

Players showing potential at club level may be nominated and selected for the District programme at U11, U13 and U15 age groups. Click for futher information on District Cricket.

4. Inter-League Cricket

This is played at U12, U14, U18 age ranges.

5. Area Cricket

This is a new U13 level and for players who have shown and demonstrated good skill levels at District Cricket level within that age range. The Area Programme is split into eight areas playing in a festival. Click for further information on Area Cricket.

6. Regional Cricket

This is an enhanced new level with four regions at U15, U16, U17 age groups. Click for further information on Regional Cricket.

7. County Age Group Development Squads

This gives players the opportunity to compete at a level just below county age group cricket. The LCB run squads for boys at U11, U12, U13, U14, U15 and for girls at U15.

June-Sept: A number of friendly fixtures against County teams and festivals for boys at U10, U11, U12, U13, U14 age groups. The U15 girls development squad compete in the ECB national development competition.

8. County Age Group Cricket

The LCB run County Performance Squads at U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U19 for boys. The squads at U14, U15, U17 compete in ECB National competitions.

The LCB run County Performance Squads at U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 for girls. The squads at U13, U15, U15 Development, U17 compete in ECB Natioanal competitons.

Oct-Nov: Skill Development Programme / Fitness assessments.

Jan-Apr: County Age Group Squad training sessions / strength and conditioning programme.

Jun-Sept: County Age Group match / training programme.

9. LCB Emerging Players Programme (EPP)

EPP is targeted at our players in the U13-U16 for boys and U13-U19 for girls age groups who have shown the initial talent, skill and desire to progress further within the pathway. EPP runs in two phases Jan-Apr which focuses on players skill and physical development. May-Sept which focuses on match play skill development.

10. LCCC Academy

This is the stage that Lancashire County Cricket Club selects the most talented performers boys and girls from the Performance Pathway with a view to developing future stars to play for LCCC and England.


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