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Lancashire Cricket Board - LCB Executive & Sub-Committees
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LCB Executive & Sub-Committees

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The LCB is governed by the Executive Committee elected from various bodies within Recreational Cricket in Lancashire.

The LCB Executive Committee is made up of the following members:

  • President: Michael Cairns (Chairman of LCCC)
  • Chairman: Dr Tony Crook
  • Vice Chairman: Bob Hinchliffe
  • Hon Treasurer: Bill Robinson
  • John Barrow (Amateur Cricket Leagues)
  • John Charlson (Professional Cricket Leagues)
  • Alan Wright (Professional Cricket Leagues)
  • John Heaton (Lancashire County Cricket Club)
  • Geoff Ogden (Lancashire County Cricket Club)
  • Ken Standring (Lancashire County Cricket Club)
  • Brian Woodhead (Lancashire Cricket Partnership)
  • Hugh Evans (Merseyside & South West Lancashire Cricket Development Group)
  • Mike Hill (Greater Manchester Cricket Partnership)

The Vice Presidents of the Board are: Mr John Barrow, Mr Derek Birchall, Mr John Brewer, Mr Norman Brown, Mr John Cleworth, Mr Tony Crook, Mr Tommy Dainty, Mr Colin Dunkerley, Mr Eddie Hayes, Mr J Halliwell, Mr K Hampson, Mr Peter Harrison, Mr John Heaton, Mr Eric Hudson, Mr H Hunter, Mr Ray Millward, Mr Frank Pickthall, Mr Arthur Rose, Mr Peter Sutcliffe, Mr Ray Tyler, Mr Charlie Walsh, Mr Peter Westwell, Mr Tommy Wilson, Mr Alan Wright.

Sitting under the Executive are various Sub-Committees and affiliated groups / bodies, which are charged to deliver various aspects of cricket in Lancashire. These Sub-Committees and affiliated bodies / groups include:

  • Development Sub-Committee: Ken Standring (Chairman), charged with delivering the bulk of LCB activities and the development of cricket within Lancashire.
  • Recreational Cricket Sub-Committee: Dr Tony Crook (Chairman), charged with liaison with affiliated leagues and organisation of LCB Knock Out and Shield Cup Competitions, plus a reporting Sub-Committee for the LCB Association of Cricket Officials.
  • Development of Excellence Sub-Committee: Geoff Ogden (Chairman), charged to deliver all aspects of Representative / Elite cricket at junior boys, girls, women and disability levels.

Other affiliated bodies that fall under the LCB umbrella, but are constituted within their own right are:

  • LCB Coaches Association: Tony Potter (Chairman), charged to deliver all aspects of the development of coaching, improving standards and coach education.
  • LCB Association of Cricket Officials: John Smith (Chairman), charged to deliver all aspects of the development of umpires & scorers, improving standards and courses to increase the number of officials in cricket.
  • LCB Groundsman's Association: Paul Tatton (Vice Chairman), charged to deliver all aspects of the development of groundsmen, improving standards and courses to increase knowledge in groundsmanship.
  • Lancashire Cricket Federation: Ken Standring (Chairman), charged to oversee all Lancashire County U19 boys programmes.
  • Lancashire Schools Cricket Association: D Houghton (Chairman), charged to oversee schools competitions and administer the Levels of Excellence scheme on behalf of the LCB and the District Cricket programme.

Please find below an organisation chart of the LCB Committee & Groups structure.

  LCB Committees & Groups Structure (58 Kb)



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