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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Who will win the Cricket World Cup 2015 in Australia?
Australia (17 Votes)
England (2 Votes)
New Zealand (17 Votes)
Scotland (0 Votes)
Bangladesh (0 Votes)
Afghanistan (1 Votes)
Sri Lanka (1 Votes)
West Indies (0 Votes)
South Africa (8 Votes)
Ireland (0 Votes)
Pakistan (8 Votes)
India (7 Votes)
UAE (3 Votes)
Zimbabwe (27 Votes)

Highest Win Percentage for Women & Girls

In 2015 which LCB Women's and Girls county squads will have the highest win percentage?
LCB Girls U11 (6 Votes)
LCB Girls U13 (8 Votes)
LCB Girls U15 (7 Votes)
LCB Girls U17 (19 Votes)
LCB Women (17 Votes)

Ashes 2015

Who will win this year's Ashes?
England (9 Votes)
Australia (7 Votes)
Don't know (2 Votes)

Women Ashes 2015

Who will win the Women Ashes 2015?
England Women (1 Votes)
Australia Women (3 Votes)
Don't know (0 Votes)

Ben Stokes Dismissal

In your view was the Ben Stokes dismissal in 2nd ODI at Lord's against Australia out or not out?
Not Out (8 Votes)
Out (4 Votes)
Don't know (2 Votes)