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Back with a bang

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Remiss of me to leave the blogging stage but I am back with a thorny subject.........

After the Clattenberg incident a couple of weeks ago, I have taken an even keener interest in all forms of technology in sport. I watched the Murray/Tsonga game the other night and a contentious call was sorted out in seconds with no further repercussions. I watched the Rugby League Autumn International Final between England and France and 3 tries in a row went to the "video ref." Each was confirmed and the French did not bat an eyelid. 4 tries were contested in the various Autumn International Rugby Union fixtures over the weekend and all passed off without incident and to top the lot the South African Captain was given not out in the first hour of a very high profile series against Australia, only to see the decision correctly overturned and he walked off, disappointed, but clear it was fair.

My point is, Clattenberg got one decision wrong (probably) which was the Torres' sending off. The Hernandez offside was not his to give. So, apart from whether he said what is alleged, why all this fuss? The same afternoon, Liverpool had a perfectly good goal ruled out for offside in the last minute of a highly charged Merseyside derby.

It would have taken 30 seconds max for Suarez to be judged onside, for Hernandez to have been judged offside and for Torres to get a reprieve, which would have seen Jonny Evans booked. That would have meant Mikel did not feel the need to berate Clattenberg and the "incident" would not have happened! They have technology now in Golf, American Football, Basketball, Squash, Badminton, Table Tennis and the amateur sport of hockey and yet this multi billion pound business is too arrogant to confront this issue. They seem to hide behind the fact that football fans "would not have anything to talk about in the pubs, clubs and at work." Well, that is presuming we are as thick as them and cant talk about anything else to do with the game!!

They bleat on about goal line technology (it would sort out a minimal amount of decisions a year) and yet can't put a man in the crowd to make key decisions in every game using replays like every other sport on the planet! How would the game stop? How would it restart? What would the ref say? All excuses, easily sorted out by more forward thinking governing bodies. Lets face it, football is not even run by the FA, as the Premier League hold sway, so until the clubs have less power, they will never do anything. The next thing we will all be moaning about (and its slowly happening) is the dearth of English young players coming through. Name me a world class Scottish international player now compared to 25 years ago when the same thing happened to them. They had Dalglish, Souness, Hansen, preceded by Bremner, McNeil and Lennox. They had Eddie Gray, Andy Gray and Danny McGrain!! They were short of goalies!!!!

English cricket was in the doldrums 10 years ago, with Test crowds lower than ever, the domestic game at a poor level, the England team struggling. All of a sudden, due to a complete change of attitude, the embracing of Team England, modern technology and new formats of the game, we have a vibrant domestic and international game. A few tweaks at home and we will be there. We are happy to introduce our kids to the sport.

As John Heaton says, an ideal time for a Tesco moment but I am at work!!!!

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Neil Taylor 03/12/2012 09:48:33
Couldn't agree more Andrew! When you get a minute email your old Carnegie and Bradley Mills friend! It's been far too long since we touched base.
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