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Lancashire Cricket Board - I think I may have been relegated to the inside pages
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I think I may have been relegated to the inside pages

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That was the last time I looked yesterday

They seek him here, they seek him there,

JH’s fans seek him everywhere,

Is he in heaven, is he in hell,

That damned elusive Scarlet “Blog”pernel


With apologies to the Pimpernel version.


I decided earlier this week I should take a break from my historical adventures into the Life and Times of LSCA and do a Blog. To help get the “Blog” brain going I thought I would check the LCB site to a) to see if my competitor bloggers had done any blogging recently and b) to total up my ever increasing number of “hits”.


You can imagine my chagrin when I could not see a single link on the front page to any of my blogs other than by clicking on the News button and then Blogs. My fans deserve better – especially when I added up the number of hits since Blogging began to a massive 26,558. By today that will have increased further. My Blog entitled “What a Great Game” has been seen 865 times to date.


With that sort of following I am still missing from the front page. Is this a mysterious plot to enable other Bloggers to improve their ratings I wonder. My friend Ted will be most puzzled.


If, after posting this latest Blog, I am nowhere to be seen I may have to sulk, or resort to other ulterior motives. It could even prompt a “question in the house”, or at the Board Meeting on Thursday.


What have I been up to.


Last Thursday was the LSCA AGM at Old Trafford. The Meeting Room in the Centre is being converted to a Gym for the players whilst the new Players’ Pavilion is constructed. Work begins on the old Pavilion imminently and they have to move out of there. We had the meeting in one of the classrooms which brought back memories of my teaching career. Chairman Dennis and myself were sat at the front keeping control over a class containing such pupils as Batman and Robin to mention but two. (You will remember them as Manager & Coach of last year’s Under 12’s. Batman was famously snapped having a kip at Taunton whilst helping in the U11 week.)


We had a good meeting. I was able to let everyone have the latest fixture list for 2012. I was just short of two confirmations then. As of today I just have one left to be confirmed. I would hope to publish the full list on the website next week.


Sophie had her first away soccer match for some time on Sunday. This was at Bispham. The Diamonds won 5-3. I was Transport Manager.


Last night I drove across to Darwen for the Lancashire Partnership AGM and Meeting at 7.00pm. We were done and dusted and in the car back home by 8.00. Chairman, Brian Woodhead, does not mess about. I quite liked Ian Cordingley’s financial statement delivered by son, John. “Tell them there’s nowt  gone in, and there’s nowt  gone out.” Brilliant.


Tomorrow there is a meeting of the LCB Executive with what looks like a sizeable agenda. It could get even bigger as the Boss (ANH) has just emailed everyone to say he has an important paper he needs us all to see resulting from an ECB Meeting he has just attended.


Whatever his important paper may contain if this Blog does not show in a prominent place on the front page of the website there will be serious problems afoot.


I am getting close to completion of my historical adventure through the life and times of the Lancashire Schools Cricket Association. Below is a photograph from 1988. I do not have any details of the players’ names. I can identify quite a few – Glen Chapple for one. Andrew Payne looks a little puzzled on the bottom right.


There’s no missing Knowles’y on the front row with John Ratledge to the left and Gareth Cordingley to the right. Mark Harvey is top left and Philip Moffat is the tall one on the back row. I think it is Carl Drinkwater between Gareth and Andrew. Can anyone help me with the others? We know what Glen Chapple has been up to in 2011 but I wonder whether the others are still playing - like I know that Graham Knowles is still turning out at Haslingden.


I bet Ted will know a few.

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ted 24/11/2011 12:33:40
You are right John, I've been scratching my head and wondering. The point about your blog is that its keeps those of us who are keenly interested in LCB/LSCA/District cricket and not on relevant committees upto date with what happening at the grass roots. This is very important so that we dont go brain dead for 7 months.

Yes I like Mr. Cordingley's report as well and yes Brian Woodhead is a very good chairman, he's no different at Ribblesdale league meetings, but everythng runs well.

Its a pity that the other people with blogs dont give us much information and there are other departments within LCB which should have a blog but perhaps it getting the right person to do one.

As for myself I am pleased that I have been able to produce my own fixture list from the information I have gleaned from the LCB web site, particularly your blog. Well done.

Its tinsle and turkey time, indoor nets and coaching are going ahead at a pace, so it wont be lomg before we are back on grass. Ive got my umpires already packed.
ted 24/11/2011 12:38:13
John with regards the photograph. Its hard to pick out those not regognised, hair styles change, shaving has begun, bigger bellies have appeared, the viewer's eyesight isnt as good, but the memory is sharp. Dont the boys look very smart, and clean, have you noticed the boots, white. Standards.
ted 24/11/2011 12:46:29
I'm pleased to see John Ratledge in the photo.

John is now a Barrister in Manchester, he attained a triple blue at Cambridge for cricket and I think he now plays a little cricket for the 40 club and MCC.

He was of course another young cricketer who played in the Bolton League as did Glen Chapple, both played at Kearsley.

The Bolton League has a fine record of producing young cricketers for Lancashire, other counties, and England. I stand to be corrected but I think that they have produced more cricketers for England than any other league in Lancashire.
ted 24/11/2011 13:05:27
John here are some more interesting facts following on my previous comments about young LCB/LSCA of the 1970/2011 period.

We all know of Denis Compton and Arthur Milton who both played football and cricket at international level for England.They may have been the last ones.

Double internationals in football and cricket just dont happen anymore. The last one was a lad who played youth cricket for Lancashire and in the Bolton League.

Andy Goram was capped for Scotland at both football and cricket.

In recent times another ex Bolton League player, a Greenmount lad, was, at 14 years of age, judged good enough to be expected to play both football and cricket for England, Philip Neville. Of course Phil played his football at Manchester United and footballing stars of today are encouraged by their employers to give up other sports. Phil was a great loss to cricket because he was rated a better cricketer than footballer.

Its a fact that the Bolton League keeps producing these wonderful sportsmen, long may it continue.
Carl Drinkwater 08/06/2013 11:34:26
Hi John,

Team from back left

Mark Harvey, Stephen Moore, Glen Chapple, Glen Crompton, Gavin Moffat, James Bibby, Mark Gardener,

Team from front left,

John Ratledge, Graham Knowles, Gareth Cordingly, Carl Drinkwater, Andrew Payne
Frank Ingham 25/10/2013 10:40:50
Just to let you know that Gareth Cordingley is still playing for Darwen in the Northern League.
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