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Lancashire Cricket Board - Update on "Oh dear what can the matter be"
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Update on "Oh dear what can the matter be"

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“They” have taken “it” away and they have brought it back

The “it” is my home computer and “they” is a nice New Zealand man called Mark from Microconnect Computers in Whitefield. I had a meeting with boss man Andy at Old Trafford yesterday and following discussions with all and sundry in the office afterwards returned home “buzzing”.


Now my home computer has been irritating me recently by doing things a little slowly from time to time. Well yesterday afternoon the slow down gathered pace and by evening time the “thing” had almost given up the ghost. At this stage with all the vast computer knowledge I have, I did the right and proper thing and switched it off, without doing the close down routine. After a few seconds I switched back on again and my little computer trickery appeared to have worked. There was, however, just enough time to make sure my backups were complete, before the slow down re-commenced. Eventually I had to admit that “Houston, we have a problem”.


Microconnect have been my saviour once before and very promptly responded to the call for help this morning. They are now in possession of my little “baby” and I have every confidence will nurse it quickly back to health. I am now consigned to using my granddaughter’s laptop until my treasure is returned to me. Thankfully my wi-fi connection is still working. Hence the chance to do a Blog.


The “buzz" from yesterday centred firstly on my meeting with ANH but was then helped along with conversations I had with others in the office – and it was rather a full office. I had a chat with Jasmine about the LCB Handbook and the copy she will need from me. I, then, spoke at some length with Dipesh about my “History” book and the options available. We are pondering the idea of producing a hard copy version along with an eBook version using Adobe or even an Amazon Kindle Book version. We, also, had a chat about the Levels of Excellence Intranet and were able to set up a meeting with our intranet expert Martyn Schultz. The next conversation was with Steve Titchard, fresh from pre-season activities with the County Champions. We were able to set up a meeting for Friday morning when we will be joined by the Sage of Merseyside, Eric Linford, to consider the grounds for the summer fixture list. I rounded off the afternoon with a discussion with the LCB’s Events Supremo, David Hardman, with regard to the options available to celebrate our, LSCA’s, 90th Birthday. We were joined by others at this stage who warmed to one potential. I suggested a series of Get Together’s across the county to which we could invite as many past players as possible including some of our more established superstars. I think it was the mention of Andrew Flintoff that attracted the attentions of Jenny Laycock and the irrepressible Shaun. There are of course many, many other “famous” ex-LSCA players out there ranging from the two commentators of David “I’ll Tell You a Story Bumble” Lloyd to Sky’s up and coming Gary Neville. We have set up a little sub-committee to look at the possibilities and Harders has agreed to do what he can to help.I am still serious in using this event to re-launch our “Friends of Lancashire Schools” ideal.


Now you can see why I was buzzing. I could probably have made quite a dent in some of the tasks ahead but for my malfunctioning computer. All will be forgiven if she comes back to me in full, fast working order without any loss of data or programmes.


Away from my problems much has happened since my last Blog. Number One son had a surprise 40th birthday bash at Totty Con on Saturday attended by many. The County Squad Sessions got underway on Sunday with the Under 12 age group. This, of course, placed me on granddad duties. Sunday evening the Shakers were involved in an International match. John Hood could not say that about Brentford. Without a cup or league fixture the team jetted out to Gibraltar to play their National team at the Winston Churchill National Stadium. The fact they lost 2-1 did not diminish the honour, nor did the crowd of just a few hundred.


Sophie and Thomas are now back at Woodhey after an eternity on holiday and we are back on taxi duties. Sophie has a hockey match this afternoon at Parrenthorn High School and I have just had a text confirming the pick up time of 4.30 pm. I will actually pass Microconnect’s offices in Whitefield both going and returning. With a little bit of luck they may have sorted out my little “baby” – and then again ????


You may not know this but the good lady actually proof reads my Blogs before I post them on the website. After completing the above I went in to our lounge to tell her there was a Blog for checking. She greeted me with the news that “I’ve lost my pandas.” Now the iPad she got for Christmas was initially a very expensive game of Scrabble. Recently she has branched out and now knows how to download apps – well sort of. Sophie has introduced her to a “Zoo” game, hence the panda news. I am delighted to say that just as I am finishing this off she has shouted to me that she has now found them.  They must have wandered off for some “panda activity”.


PS Late evening on Wednesday and still on the laptop. Update from the Heaton Zoo. We now have four elephants !!!!!



Thursday evening and peace is with my world. My computer is back in situ and faster than ever. Mark, the nice New Zealand man from Microconnect Computers said it was the slowest he had ever seen, the product of a nasty little virus that had sneaked in past my AVG protection. With his expert nursing we are now back and buzzing.


By the way the "Heaton Zoo" managed by the good lady on her iPad now has a grizzly bear, a dog and an ice cream parlour ?????


I can see this becoming quite an excitement in my life.


Time for a  DOUBLE Tesco Moment.


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ted 12/01/2012 06:32:08
The last panda I saw was on four wheels and had blues and two's.

Sounds like your computer has attrracted a viurs but 'you man' will clean it up and get it back to normal.

Everyone seems to be extremely busy now, meeting about grounds, fixture lsit compilations, umpires courses, groundsmen planning the spring attack. Its all go. Where would cricket be without the winter months. I wonder how many people realise how much work goes on behind the scenes.

Phew! I'm powfagged just typing this.
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