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Marooned at home awaiting the cavalry

The “Cavalry” in this instance is the good lady who is at this very moment winging her way to the Health Centre in Radcliffe to collect a much needed prescription to help me battle against the dreaded gout. Yes, indeedy, after a gap of nine years the inflammation in my left toe did not recede as hoped but flared up big time leaving me in no doubt as to its cause. Yesterday I made attempts to gain an appointment with “Nursey” at the doctor’s to enlist her help – but no appointments until next week. I was able to obtain an appointment with a doctor for Wednesday morning but had a fall back of “Nursey” doing what is called a telephone triage this morning.


The pharmacist at our local Asda could not provide me with anything stronger than Co-Codamol to help relieve the pain (this is on account of the fact I take a multitude of blood pressure pills on a daily basis). Last night was “difficult”. No, it was almost impossible. The Co-Codamol had no more impact than taking Smarties. I could not have any Tesco Moments either to help get some shut eye.


The pain ranged from painful to very painful, to very, very painful and then to excruciating.


I was on the phone to the Health Centre early doors this morning to report my problem but then had to wait for the call back from “Nursey”. “Nursey” is actually called Janice, and she is very, very nice and helpful. In fact since I had to change Doctor’s two years ago when my old Doctor of 47 years’ service retired, she has been the main constant helping to ensure I behave myself within reason  with regard to the problems of getting old.


Just digressing a little at this point I contacted Geoff Eccles yesterday. Geoff doubles up as LSCA Treasurer and Under 15 Manager. You will recollect that I have mentioned that he has been rather ill recently. In fact he had major heart surgery before Christmas to repair two heart valves. It has taken some time for him to get back to form but there are good signs that he is now doing so. We were talking about the season ahead when the little man who has been drilling tiny holes in my toe with his electric drill had a major burst, causing me to grunt. Geoff asked me what the matter was and I told him. Oh, he said. I have gout. Now I have known Geoff for a million years and I had no idea he suffered from gout. He went on to say that he has been given some magic pills by his doctor and when he feels a “bout of gout” coming on he just takes one and the gout disappears. Now this made me jealous and I wondered whether to suggest I drove up to Clitheroe to borrow one of these magical pills. I decided against this but was delighted to hear Geoff sounding much more like the one we love and want back with the Association sooner rather than later.


Nurse Janice listened to my problems this morning and suggested that the first line of attack as the gout had now lasted three days was to attack it with some NSAID’s. Ibobrufen is an NSAID but is banned for me on account of the blood pressure so she was going to leave a prescription for collection for something else. If this process did not alleviate my problems then the next stage would be the magic potion that Geoff had told me about.


My major problem at the moment is that I can put no pressure with my ailing foot on the clutch pedal of my motor.  Hence the fact I remain marooned without wheels. This cannot go on too long. Indeed I have some important meetings tomorrow at Old Trafford.


Apologies for boring you with the details of my predicament, although it does help. Doing this blog has been very therapeutic !! With a bit of luck the situation will improve quickly. As I said to Nurse Janice we really do need to get shut of the gout quickly as it will not be long before the good lady and I will be off on a biggie cruise. I will manage to put up with being teetotal whilst taking the pills now but I have no intentions of maintaining that scenario whilst afloat.


Just to offer some passing thoughts to cricket in this LCB Website Blog I thought you might like to look at a picture from the Archives. I have included a collection of photos in the body of my book on the History of LSCA but am busy putting together folders for a number of years from the early 50’s to the 1990’s which at some stage we will make available.


I am sure everyone will recognise the player below. In the season in question he bowled 125.4 overs of which 35 were maidens. He took 35 wickets at a cost of 255 runs. His average was 7.08. As these figures indicate the “Fast Bowling Directives” did not exist then. I wonder if you can work out the year ???



He doesn’t look much different today – just a little older.


Enough for now. I am expecting the imminent arrival of medical supplies and my little tootsie is throbbing in anticipation.


Oh by the way the missus got another chimpanzee this morning. I didn’t even know she already had one. I have just been reliably informed that she is due to take delivery of a camel within the next 30 minutes.


Just about to upload this Blog, when I got a phone call from the evergreen John Steele. I say evergreen, as he is the only one to spot an error in the email I sent out to at least 60 plus folk a few days ago with regard to dates for the County District Competitions.  I had listed the date for informing us of Quarter Finalists as June 2nd. There was a missing “two” as the date should have been JUNE 22ND. I sometimes include these deliberate mistakes to test the observancy rate of the recipients. John passed this particular test with flying colours - but the rest did not.


It is now time to test the medication provided by Nurse Janice and collected by the Zookeeper.

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ted 26/01/2012 11:03:58
I always thought gout was caused by too much red wine and cheese. Its painful, John, get well soon.

Ah! Mr. Steele, grand fella, a gentleman.

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