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Lancashire Cricket Board - "The time has come," the Walrus said,
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"The time has come," the Walrus said,

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"To talk of many things

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax

Of cabbages and kings

And why the sea is boiling hot

And whether pigs have wings."


My very first ever Blog was on 13th July, 2011. This will be my one hundredth and eleventh. My third ever century – two at cricket and one at blogs. I did not finish my cricket career on a high note being cleaned bowled by a young whipper snapper whilst masquerading as a 3rd XI Greenmount player at of all places Stacksteads.


 I have been pondering for a while whether I should decide that as far as my blogging career is concerned maybe “the time has come”, and to finish whilst the going is good. It has been getting harder and harder to keep things alive and well, and to avoid repeating things – often a problem for septaguenarians. I also think things possibly have begun to get a little sillier than they should as well.


We have two months to go before the 2013 season gets fully underway and there is a lot to do. In addition during that two months period the Good Lady and yours truly will be off on another expedition.


I have decided to place myself on blog gardening leave for the period of time up to the season’s start. At the end of that once things are underway then I can reflect and possible stage a comeback. My feeling anyway is that in the cricket season there is much more to talk about rather than waffling away through what is left of the winter.


This is not a sudden happening as I have thought for a while that I needed a blog break. Sharing the tensions of hoping the Shakers stay in Division One has helped to a point but they definitely look doomed now. If you saw them on Sky on Friday you will realise why.


It is at this time of the year there is much to be addressed  PDQ.


Like …


Finalise the LSCA Fixture List for 2013. The Sage of Merseyside is busy identifying grounds and has made good progress. I have now completed the list in terms of actual games. I have been able to speak by email or phone with all our opponents excepting Nottinghamshire  Under 15 to agree dates etc.  See later !!!!


I will need to complete the U16 and Under 17 Boys programme. All the dates have been agreed but not the grounds as yet.


The closing date for the LSCA Inter-Schools Competitions entries was last Friday. As is now inevitable I have delayed closing down the entries and doing the draws until next week. I ended up doing a multi-email memo to schools the length and breadth of the county to remind them that I had not received their entry form. We now have over a hundred schools entered for one or all of our competitions at Under 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17. I now need to make a few phone calls to schools who usually enter but have clearly not read the information about the closing date.


Sometime next week I will start doing the draws and then arrange to print and post them to the schools involved. Copies of all the draws will need to go on the website.


We have an LSCA Executive Meeting on March 14th. I need to check the room is booked at the Indoor Centre and then send out the Agenda and Minutes to the committee members. To enable him to provide an up to date Financial Report I will need to speak to Treasurer Geoff to let him know how much we have banked this week from the Inter-School Entry Fees.


This week I will distribute the second round of Nomination Forms for our Under 11 through to Under 15 teams. These will go to the Main Contacts for each of the District Cricket Groups around the county. They will get an email copy as well as printed copies of the forms along with the list of names of players who do not need nominating as they are already in the system. In addition at the same time they will receive information about the first round of nominations for the Under 10 team. This is the second year for this team and we only ask for nominations at this time. The closing date for returning these forms will be March 27th. This will allow managers and coaches to plan and finalise arrangements for the outdoor trials process.


Sticking with the District theme I need to finalise the Information Booklet that goes out to all Districts with regard to our County Competitions at Under 11, 13 and 15. We will do the Quarter Final draws at our Executive Meeting on March 14th. This Booklet is also posted on the LCB Website.


There was one piece of very important news with regards to the Under 15 Ainsworth Trophy Competition. The Final for this will take place at Old Trafford on Monday September 16th.


The Players Handbook for 2013 gets distributed to everyone who is selected for county age group team and contains invaluable information for both players, parents, and for officials as well. I have agreed to sit down with the Mighty Titch and Jenny when they return from Dubai to review the contents. We will need to have this available by the end of April before the first of our scheduled matches.


Talking of scheduled matches then the LCB will again be publishing the full Fixture List in booklet format again in 2013 and True North will be producing the copy. This Fixture List is already up on the website albeit with many grounds still to be named.


The final task will be to contact all the counties visiting Lancashire in 2013 to confirm arrangements. Much is done by email but this always gives me the heeby-jeebies. I once heard a tale of a county turning up to play another county a week too soon. In all my years I have never had such a problem. I must admit things have got perilously close on a few occasions when in doing the above checks I have unearthed issues leading to last minute changes. Last year a Yorkshire team turned up for a match at 9.30 believing the start time was 10.30. The agreed time was 1.00pm. The Coach and Manager of the Yorkies were not happy bunnies. We actually ended up being thrashed but I took great delight in sending a copy of the original email to their manager and underscored the start time of 1.00pm. I would hate that to happen in reverse though.


Much to look forward to. Family life will continue. I took my Hyundai iX20 in for its first service this week and they gave me a Hyundai iX35 as a loan car for the day. Pretty impressive and so much so that I decided to give it a good long test drive. The Good Lady, you know the one who must be obeyed at all time without question, saw the car on our drive and uttered those famous words – “You can get any thoughts straight out of your head – NOW”. I had actually seen the price plate in the boot and unless Mr Lottery comes good I will have to agree with her.


So Number 111 – will there be a number 112. Wait and see time. When the season is underway I will think again.


A little earlier in this piece I mentioned that I had been unable to contact the Nottinghamshire Under 15 Manager to confirm dates. Just had a phone call and all has been sorted.


Some things get sorted pretty quickly whereas others require patience.


All this blogging has been great over the past eighteen months or so. I have appreciated the many comments I have had either on the blog or when we have met at various times. It really is time for a break and to concentrate on completing the tasks before we fly off to join our next cruise. At least I will not have to mislead you as to my whereabouts over the next eight or so weeks.


When I look at the virtually complete LCB Fixture Programme for 2013 I cannot be other than thoroughly chuffed with it.


Steve Titchard is doing a wonderful job along with his armada of coaches, managers and helpers. His style and manner of handling things has set a standard which other counties will envy. I am really looking forward to the season of 2013. Yes it will bring personal pressures but that really applies to all that great mass of parents, families and friends supporting their youngsters.


If I have made you laugh a little – great.

If I have upset anyone – sorry.

If I have been able to use this blog to get across masses of information in a much more light hearted fashion – brilliant.


As Arnold Schwarzawhotsit said “Hasta La Vista”.


Was it Arnold or was it that other fellow Sylvester??


Mentioning movies  – what about a VLOG in the future. A Video Blog. There could be an opening there.


Just to tidy matters up regards the Mount. In my last Blog and the Levels picture with Chris Schofield it is the one and only PLON better known as Andrew Kerr just behind him.


And finally for all you literary people out there"The Walrus and the Carpenter" was a poem written by Lewis Carroll that appeared in his book “Through the Looking Glass”.


It was recited to Alice by Tweedledum and Tweedledee.


Enough said.

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Bob dearden 28/02/2013 14:08:39
Your blogs make great reading! Looking forward to next one! You may also like to put on your fixture list that Lancs U19s are to play a warm-up friendly at Heywood on Easter Monday 1 April.
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